Promises! Promises!

Jane Douglass White

READ : Genesis 40:1-15


Joseph had time to listen to his cellmates and gave them help in interpreting their dreams. Wouldn’t you think the cupbearer, who had received good news from Joseph, would have, upon his release, put in a good word for Joseph with the Pharaoh?

Have you ever promised to send someone a recipe of one of your favorite dishes that they raved about and then forgot to send it? Or perhaps you promised to call someone to recommend your friend for a job and it slipped your mind. Did you promise to help your friend study for an exam, but then played tennis instead? One of my big failings has been to promise someone to pray for them daily. Then I let the days get so busy, I forget my promise. I am working hard on that, for I know the importance of prayer. We dishonor God when we make a promise and then don’t keep it.

But nowhere do we read that Joseph tried to get revenge on this friend for forgetting him. Joseph continued to be faithful to God and do His work as well as he had always done it. And we shall see that God never forgot Joseph.


Dear Lord, I am weak. Help me to be careful what promises I make, that I may be sure to fulfill them. In Christ’s name. Amen.