Choice to Succeed

Jane Douglass White

READ : Genesis 39:20-23


Pastor Dick Woodward said, “It is the PLAN of God to use the POWER of God in the PEOPLE of God to accomplish the PURPOSES of God.” But surely Joseph couldn’t accomplish the purposes of God in prison, could he? Yet God’s purpose was fulfilled because Joseph submitted willingly.

The important thing is not the event, but how we react to it. A man in Omaha lost his job and was out of work a long time. His wife got a job cleaning houses. While she worked, he thought, “There’s a more efficient way to clean.” He and his wife began their own housecleaning business. It grew to be a nationwide network of franchised cleaning services. His job loss turned out to be his great opportunity. Why? Because he chose to trust God and not panic; thus he could think creatively.

What will you do if you lose your job? Whine that you’ve reached a dead end, or trust God, looking to the future with creative enthusiasm? What if you feel that you are cheated out of being on the “first string” soccer team? Will you become bitter or will you try to play your best wherever you can be used, knowing God is always with you?


Lord, help me look on negative events as opportunities, with You as my guide. In Christ’s name. Amen.