Christmas 2017

At Words of Hope, we want people everywhere to hear the good news that the Savior has been born, and you can help that happen.

Just a few months ago, you spoke the good news of Jesus the Savior to a young shepherd living in India named Samar. The twenty-five year old was given a copy of the New Testament. He poured over the book, and felt that Jesus was different from the deities he worshipped. Especially he was surprised that Jesus would offer healing and forgiveness without first requiring sacrifices like the Hindu gods.

Samar explains that he and his family, “Got a copy of the New Testament and started reading it every day. It seemed that someone was talking to us. We have read many books, but have never seen this type of book. Every time we read it, we felt a wonderful peace and comfort in our hearts. Now my whole family believes in Jesus Christ.”

Will you join us this Christmas, in praying and giving that more may receive the news the angels first told to the shepherds? It is good news that everyone needs to hear.

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