Board Challenge 2017

South Sudan

In a country torn apart by civil war, many civilians have been forced to flee their homes, and are now living in refugee camps. In these camps, listening to gospel radio broadcasts can bring a congregation together in the midst of a very hard place.

Words of Hope supporters are speaking the peace of Christ to those who need to be reminded of it most. Programs in the Dinka and Nuer languages focus on peace and reconciliation. As Dinkas and Nuers embrace Christ’s message to love their enemies, our prayer is that the war and suffering in South Sudan will come to an end.

The 2017 Board Challenge is to raise $17,000 to cover the cost of producing audio programming that will reach our brothers and sisters from South Sudan. Displaced from their homes and suffering from trauma, these people are in need of the healing and hope that only Christ can bring. If staff and board members each give $250 toward this important cause, we will reach our goal! Thank you for your generosity!