Board Challenge 2018


The country of Bhutan is a hard place to share the gospel. Evangelism is illegal; church buildings are forbidden; and Christians are cut off from state-funded privileges like free education. Only about two percent of the population identifies as Christian.

But in the midst of this difficult place, Words of Hope’s Bhutanese ministry team has an ambitious and God-sized plan. Their goal is to create an opportunity for every single Bhutanese to hear the gospel by the year 2035.

Such far-reaching evangelism in a closed-off country would be impossible without the help of mass media ministry. Working alongside the leadership in existing local house churches, the team plans to utilize social media, webcasting, radio broadcasts, and smartphone apps to make Christ known to people in their own languages.

“We want to multiply the church. We want to engage more people,” says the team leader. “And we believe that God will help us to do that.”

This is our chance to help the team in Bhutan turn their vision into a reality. The 2018 Board and Staff Challenge is to raise $20,000 to cover the cost of producing audio programming to help build the church in Bhutan. If staff and board members each give $270 toward this important cause, we will reach our goal! Thank you for your generosity!