A Day of Rejoicing, But

Claudia Elzinga

READ : 2 Samuel 19-20

Having defeated Absalom, David is now to be brought back to Jerusalem. Shimei, who has thrown stones at him, begs for mercy. Ziba, who has tricked his master Mephibosheth, and Mephibosheth himself make counter claims concerning what happened. The well-respected Barzillai comes to escort David across the Jordan. It is a time for honoring the king.

But there are some sour notes. The men of Judah and those of Israel argue fiercely as to who should have the preeminence in reinstalling David as king. The result is that an Israelite, Sheba, tried to take advantage of the situation and lead the northern tribes in rebellion. Joab takes the opportunity to murder his rival, Amasa, and then goes on to quell the rebellion.

Some day the King of Kings will return. He will render perfect judgment. All those who have rebelled against Him throughout history will be punished as they deserve. Those who love Him will not argue, but rejoice together in the return of the glorious King of Kings.

This was not the first trouble between Judah and Israel, nor would it be the last. It revealed the makings of a split which would come to pass after the death of Solomon, when the kingdom would be tragically divided.

PRAYERFather, we rejoice that the day will come when we can welcome Christ back to earth. In His name. Amen.