Rebellious Son

Claudia Elzinga

READ : 2 Samuel 14-16

Joab is always causing trouble for David. Instead of leaving Absalom in exile, he persuades David to bring him back home. Then, having set his field on fire to get the king’s attention, Absalom has Joab persuade David to receive Absalom back into his presence.

Back in good standing, Absalom begins to court the favor of the people. When he gets enough support, he gathers a large army and marches on Jerusalem. When David hears of this, he flees from Jerusalem, barefoot, with his head covered as a sign of this sorrow.

David’s counselor Ahithophel joins the conspiracy. David does two things about this. He prays to the Lord that Ahithophel may be foolish instead of wise and he asks Hushai to join the conspiracy as a spy for David.

In the midst of the story, a number of the characters sin against others. Ziba, Mephibosheth’s servant, lies and tells David that Mephibosheth has joined the conspiracy. Hushai claims to be loyal to Absalom. Shimei, of the house of Saul, curses and throws stones at David. Ahithophel counsels Absalom to go in to his father’s concubines in public. But is all this sin a matter of ancient history? Do not the soap operas today, reflecting the immorality of modern society, tell similar stories? Such is the moral chaos when people go their own way instead of surrendering to the Lord.

PRAYERFather, in the midst of a corrupt society, help us to live Christ’s way. In His name. Amen.