Parables and Miracles

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Mark 4–6

The word parable means “to throw alongside.” Jesus lays a physical truth alongside a spiritual truth, so the first casts light on the second. He told these interesting stories to the multitudes, and he explained their meaning to the disciples. The parable of the sower shows that though the Word of God is sown, it does not have the same effect on all. The response to the Word is crucial. If we have a heart which is hardened or shallow or absorbed in “the cares of the world, and the delight in riches, and the desire for other things” (4:19), we will not profit from the Word.

The kingdom of God is like a seed which starts small but becomes great. First Jesus had only 12 followers; now he has millions, making an impact on the whole world.

The great words of Jesus were matched by great deeds. He showed he was the Messiah by causing the storm to cease, by healing a man controlled by many demons, by curing a woman ill for many years, by raising a little girl from the dead, and by taking a few loaves and fishes and multiplying them so that 5,000 men plus women and children could be fed.

This great teacher, this great miracle worker, is who he claimed to be, the Son of God, and today he reigns in heaven ready to help all those who come to him in faith.


Father, we praise you for the greatness of your Son Jesus Christ. May he help us in our daily lives. Amen.