Predicting the End

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Matthew 23–25

As the Truth, Jesus had to tell people the truth about themselves. He called the religious leaders hypocrites. God hates hypocrisy, which is the opposite of genuineness. A hypocrite is different on the outside than on the inside. He makes believe he is more pious than he really is. Other people may or may not realize his hypocrisy, but even worse is the hypocrite who doesn’t realize he is one himself. Having thus spoken to the religious leaders, Jesus had signed his own death warrant. Having done so, he withdrew with his disciples and taught them concerning the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the world, two events many centuries apart but having much in common.

Jesus says that certain things will happen before the end of the world. These things have now happened to a sufficient degree that Jesus could return at any time. He warns us not to set dates for the time of his return. Instead, he deliberately keeps that time hidden so that we will always seek to be ready for his coming. He tells the parable of the ten maidens to impress upon us the importance of being spiritually ready at all times.

In another parable, Jesus says that when he comes we will give account of what we have done with our opportunities to serve him. In the parable of the sheep and the goats, he teaches that when he comes we will be judged by our works, for those with true faith in him will do works which are evidence of such faith. Are you ready for the return of Christ?


Father, may Jesus Christ come to earth soon and give us the grace to be prepared. In his name. Amen.