Beginning of a Great Future

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Zechariah 1-8

Haggai and Zechariah work together to get back to the important task of building the temple. Haggai prods them by telling them that their lack of prosperity has been due to not putting first things first. Zechariah uses a different approach. He inspires them by sharing with them visions God has given him of the glorious future of the project in which they are involved. Today also, we need to be motivated to serve God with zeal. One motivation is to realize the blessings we miss by not being faithful (Haggai). Another is to realize that we are part of something great, so that we find a sense of purpose for our lives (Zechariah).

Zechariah is apocalyptic literature, like parts of Ezekiel and Daniel and Revelation. It vividly describes truths using symbolic language. The vision of four horses (1:7-8) is interpreted by the angel to teach that the Lord now promises that this is the beginning of a great future for those who are rebuilding the temple. The four horns (v. 18) teaches that the power previously used to scatter the Jews will now be used to cast down the nations who have been their enemies. The vision of the man measuring Jerusalem (2:1-2) shows that Jerusalem, at the time such a weak little city, will have a great population in the future. Though the church today may seem feeble in its efforts to make an impact on the world, it has a great future.


Father, inspire us to be faithful in serving Christ, knowing that a wonderful future awaits us. In his name. Amen.