Responsibilities of Leadership

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Ezekiel 33-34

The prophet was like a watchman or sentinel who must warn of impending danger. So the prophet must warn people to flee from the wrath of God. If he does so and the people do not heed, their blood is on their own heads; but if he fails to warn them, he stands guilty. Today, the preacher stands in the place of the prophet. He has a serious responsibility. May all pastors so carry out their duties that their people “will know that a prophet has been among them” (33:33).

The shepherds were the prophets, priests, and princes. The prophets were false and the priests and princes were only interested in their own gain. Therefore they were condemned by the Lord. Amidst the condemnations is a wonderful promise. God will be their shepherd, “I myself will search for my sheep and will seek them out” (34:11). “I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep . . . I will seek the lost” (34:15-16).

When Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd” and when he says he will seek the lost sheep, he is proclaiming his deity. This means that we can rejoice that where human beings have failed, God has stepped in because he loves us and he will meet our deepest needs. In ourselves we are wandering sheep. We need a shepherd and that shepherd is Jesus.


Father, we praise you for sending your Son to meet our deepest needs. In his name. Amen.