The Fall of Egypt

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Ezekiel 29-32

Throughout its later history, Israel was caught between two major world powers, Egypt, to its southwest and to its northeast first Assyria, then Babylon, and finally Persia. At this time, Babylon is pressing hard upon Judah, and the temptation is to trust in Egypt rather than in God. This section shows that Egypt was a poor ally, and will fall before Babylon.

It looks to the secular historian that little Israel is in the hands of the mighty nations around her, but the prophet sees that these nations are in the hands of the Almighty God of Israel. Here we find six messages predicting the downfall of Egypt. The prediction is that she will no longer be a world power, a prediction which came true. In fact, all the mighty nations around Israel have lost the great prestige they once had.

Today, the church stands in the midst of mighty nations. We make the mistaken assumption that these world powers will always be at the center of history. But the lessons of history, especially as they are interpreted in the Bible, should make us realize that nations rise and fall. The church seems unimportant perhaps, but when all nations have perished she will still be at the center of God’s plan.
Israel failed to be true to its calling as she stood in the midst of the nations. The church must be sure to be salt and light to the world around it.


Father, may the church make a greater impact on society as it proclaims and lives the gospel of Christ. In his name. Amen.