False, Hypocritical, and Unfaithful

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Ezekiel 13-16

Today the emphasis is on positive thinking, and there is much to be said for having a positive outlook when one has true faith in Christ. Trusting in the sovereign Lord, we ought to be optimistic. But there is much emphasis on the negative in the Bible also. It describes the tragic results of sin vividly so that people will be strongly motivated to turn away from sin.

The true prophets were always battling the false prophets. The false prophets encouraged the complacency of the people. They lulled them to sleep spiritually. So it is today when preachers give people the hope of salvation even though they have not turned in wholehearted faith to Christ as their Savior. The true prophet prods the conscience and makes people feel uncomfortable regarding their sin. So it must be with the true preachers of God’s Word today.

In chapter 14, certain people who were worshiping idols came to Ezekiel rather hypocritically to inquire of the Lord. Regarding such people, God’s word was, “I will . . . cut him off from the midst of my people” (v. 8). So it will be with hypocritical people today also.

Chapter 16 compares Jerusalem to a bride whose husband lavished luxury upon her. Yet she became a prostitute. But the relation of God’s people to himself is so personal that no rivals can be tolerated.


Father, help us to see any falseness, hypocrisy, or unfaithfulness in our lives and change them. In Christ. Amen.