In Victory and Defeat

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Psalms 132-137

Psalm 132 describes the devotion of David to God and of God to David. We are to serve God whatever the cost, but what He does for us is far greater than what we do for Him. Psalm 133 exemplifies the biblical practice of comparing in the most vivid terms spiritual realities with the physical, and here this literary form describes how refreshing it is to live together in harmony, which should have a very high priority on the agenda of every Christian.

Like Psalm 132, Psalm 134 stresses the mutuality of our relationship to God, “Bless the Lord” (vv. 1,2), and “The Lord bless you” (v. 3). Again, His blessing is far greater than our blessing (or praise) of Him.

Every verse in Psalm 135 either refers to a previous verse of Scripture or is mentioned in Scripture which follows. There are great themes which run through the Bible and if we would be biblical we must grasp those themes.

Notice the refrain in Psalm 136, “For his steadfast love endures for ever.” True love, like the love God has for us, is not something one falls into or out of. Rather, it is covenant love, loyal love, love which remains faithful in every circumstance. Because God loves us in this way, we are to give thanks to Him. The sorrow of the Jews in Babylon led to a terrible hatred of the enemy in Psalm 137.


Father, grant to us a very personal relationship with You which will affect our attitudes. In Christ. Amen.