Lead On, O King Eternal

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Numbers 8–10

Now it was time to leave Mount Sinai and head for the Promised Land. God kept them constantly aware of his presence by inhabiting a cloud hovering over the tabernacle by day and a pillar of fire by night. We too are on a journey through life on our way to heaven. We travel not alone. We are God’s people together and we are assured of God’s presence. The cloud and fire may have been more spectacular, but Christ in our hearts through the Holy Spirit is much more important.

They set out after partaking of the Passover. So also our journey is periodically interrupted by the Lord’s Supper, a reminder of who we are and of what Christ has done to make us his people.

They set out when God commanded them. We are to be constantly seeking to discern the will of God as he leads us each step of the way through life. Prayerful reading of Scripture is the most important way of knowing God’s will. Another important way of knowing when he wants us to move forward and when he wants us to stand still is to be alert to ways in which he opens and closes doors of opportunity. Yet another important way is to consult with those wise people in our lives who love us and who love God.

The tenth chapter closes with a reminder that there are enemies who would hinder our progress, but adds the assurance that God will give us the victory over those enemies.


Lead on, O King eternal. Through Christ. Amen