Blessing and Response

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Numbers 6–7

The Bible moves back and forth from blessings God gives us to ways in which we are to respond to those blessings. It is a blessing to belong to God’s covenant people. Beside the ordinary response of obedience, an Israelite had the opportunity to spend a period especially dedicated to God by taking a Nazirite vow. While all of life is to be dedicated to God, there is real value in making a special response to grace, always being careful to avoid self-righteousness.

Chapter 6 concludes with the benediction the priests were to pronounce upon God’s people. It climaxes with shalom, “The LORD . . . give you peace.” The benediction is threefold, looking forward to the time when God would reveal himself as triune.

Then comes the giving of offerings for the utensils to be used in the tabernacle. While we need to maintain our church buildings in good condition, our offerings can also be used to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. Oh that each of our churches was mission minded and willing to make sacrifices so the Word can be heard everywhere!

After the offerings were brought, again we have God speaking, as Moses heard the voice of God from above the mercy seat that was on the ark. We too can come to the place of worship and hear the voice of God through sound biblical preaching.


Father, we praise you for our blessings. Help us to respond by dedicating ourselves and all we have. Amen.