God Will Take Care of You

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Exodus 14-16

Pharaoh’s repentance was short-lived. That slave labor was too good to lose. The pursuing Egyptians filled the Israelites with fear. While Moses told them to stand still, God’s order was to go forward. Miraculously, the Red Sea or the Sea of Reeds opened before them. Sometimes God uses ordinary physical phenomena to accomplish his miracles; in this case it was a strong wind. Let us accept God’s help when he chooses to use ordinary means and simply believe. It was a miracle, for when the Egyptians entered the sea, the water flooded in and drowned them. As a result, the people worshipped God with a song of praise. God takes care of us in so many ways; let us always be ready to praise him.

God not only takes care of the children of Israel by protecting them from the Egyptians; he also provides them with water and food in the wilderness. He does this in spite of their constant complaining. Before we criticize them for this, let us examine our own lives to see how often we complain in spite of God’s abundant care for us.

The way God provided the manna has some good lessons in it for us. He gives bread one day at a time. He provides enough for all of us. And he wants us to take a weekly day of rest. Notice that this Sabbath is prior to the giving of the law at Sinai.


Father, thank you for your provisions for all the necessities of life. Forgive us for complaining. In Jesus' name. Amen.