I Will Pass over You

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Exodus 11-13

Nine plagues struck Egypt and still Pharaoh hardened his heart and would not let Israel go. One more plague was to strike, but before this Israel was given instructions regarding the Passover meal.

It was to be a family affair. There was to be unleavened bread, since leaven apparently symbolized sin. Likewise, there was to be bitter herbs, symbolizing the bitterness of the slavery of Egypt. But the main course was a lamb. They were not to break any of the lamb’s bones even as the Scriptures foretold that the Lamb of God would not have his bones broken when hanging on the cross. But most important of all, the blood of the lamb was to be smeared on the doorpost of the house so that when the Lord went by, the destroyer would pass over that house. Every house not protected by the blood of the lamb would lose its firstborn, but every home so protected would be safe. So also we are saved if the blood of Christ has been applied to our hearts through faith.

With a dead child in each home, finally Pharaoh was ready to let the children of Israel go. Every year they were to celebrate the Passover as a reminder of this marvelous deliverance from the slavery of Egypt. For Christians, the Lord’s Supper takes the place of the Jewish Passover.


Father, we praise you for a greater deliverance than you provided Israel that Passover night long ago, for you have freed us from sin's penalty through Christ's blood. In his name. Amen.