Hard Hearts

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Exodus 8-10

Again and again we read of Pharaoh hardening his heart. We need to realize that the Bible teaches we were born with hearts as hard as stone. Only by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit, the work of regeneration, are our hearts soft and submissive to God. Let us realize that were it not for the grace of God our hearts would be as hard as that of Pharaoh, and that we would suffer tragic consequences similar to those that befell him.

Pharaoh’s hard heart causes one plague after another to fall upon him and his people. Some of these plagues were similar to ones common in Egypt. The miraculous element was the intensity, the timing and the fact that in some cases they fell on the Egyptians but not on the nearby Israelites. People today don’t like to think of it, but the fact is that God punishes sin. He does it in many ways. Sometimes the punishment falls not only on the individual sinner but also has adverse effects on those around him.

It is important to confess sin. But sometimes such confession is shallow and ineffective. Pharaoh confesses his sin but then goes right on sinning. He also begins to try to bargain with God. He will do what God wants but with reservations. That accomplishes nothing.

PRAYERFather, we believe You have produced a miracle in our naturally hard hearts. Thank You for being merciful. In Jesus’ name. Amen.