God Calls Moses

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Exodus 1-4

Exodus is the book that contains the great event of the Old Testament: God’s deliverance of his people from the slavery of Egypt. In a sense, the book of Genesis is a prelude preparing us for this event.

The Egyptians forget the great blessing Joseph, the Israelite, had been to them. They see his family, which has now grown into a great nation, as a threat instead of an opportunity to enrich their land. They engage in one of the most disgusting practices, making slaves of other human beings. And the Israelites cry out to God.

God hears their prayers and sets in motion a method to rescue them. To do so, he chooses a man, Moses. God often works through people. To be used of God one must have certain qualities: integrity, humility, faith. Let us seek to develop qualities that will make us useful to God as he continues his work of rescuing people from the slavery of sin.

Consider the excuses Moses makes. They are so flimsy. So are ours. If God wants to use us, he will give us what we need to be used by him. Away with excuses. While Moses is the main person God will use, there is also another player on the team – Aaron, his brother. Are you willing to team up with others to accomplish what God wants to be done?


Father, we praise you that you have made the way for us to be rescued possible through Christ. Give us the grace to take that way. In his name. Amen.