Do Not Be Afraid

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Genesis 46-47

Why are the words “Do not be afraid” found so often in the Bible? Because Bible characters were just like us. There were many times when they were afraid. But God tells us that we need not be afraid. Usually, when God tells us this, he gives us this powerful reason: “I myself will go down with you” (46:4 ESV). When we consider the great power of God who could bring the whole vast universe into being with one word, surely we are foolish to be afraid. He is with us. He has promised to help us. He always keeps his word. So whatever your situation, here is God’s Word to you: “Do not be afraid” (v. 3).

Joseph was a good man, but his governmental policies were questionable. When he gathered the food from the people during the years of abundance, there is no evidence he paid them for it. But when he distributed it, he sold it. The result was that everything ended up belonging to Pharaoh, and from then on there was to be a 20 percent income tax.

In many passages of Scripture, it is evident that God is on the side of the poor. God really owns the land and all the resources with which he has filled this world. We must develop policies that will provide for a fair distribution of those resources to all people. This takes a wisdom and love that only God can give us.


Father, take away our fears. Help us to work for justice for all people, both in our own country and throughout the world. In Jesus' name. Amen.