Faith Tested

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Genesis 20-23

Again Abraham is brought into a situation where he is tempted to tell a half-truth (which is a lie). We are all so slow in learning a lesson. Again, the result of sin is tragedy. Yet in spite of sin, God graciously fulfills his promise and finally the long-awaited son is born to Sarah. And again the consequences of a lack of faith bear their bitter fruit. Tension in the home results from the mistake of the past: Abraham took Sarah’s servant to himself in hopes of bearing the son of promise. Sin never pays! When will we learn that lesson?

Despite failing smaller tests, Abraham passes the great test of faith. God had commanded the unthinkable, that Abraham should sacrifice Isaac! Abraham goes forward in obedience, and when asked by Isaac where the sacrifice is, he replied that God will provide. And he did. As Christians we cannot help but think of the ram available to die in the place of Isaac as a symbol of God’s provision of his own Son as a substitute for us. Abraham had proved that he loved God so much that he was willing to do as much as pagans did who even sacrificed their children to idols. God showed that he loved his faithful servant so much that he provided a way out for Abraham. That is the God whom we deal with every day. Let us be grateful for his mercy and express our gratitude by obedience.


Father, give us the faith to do what you want, even when we cannot understand. In Jesus' name. Amen.