A Good Ending

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Job 40-42

God asks Job to answer His questions. Job, realizing how small he is, has nothing to say. God then describes His power in terms of His dealings with His creation. He concludes by describing His control of a great land animal, Behemoth (perhaps the hippopotamus), and a great sea animal, Leviathan (perhaps the whale). Job realizes God can do anything and that he himself doesn’t know what he is talking about. He repents, not regarding sins he didn’t commit, but for the arrogance of thinking he could win a debate with God.

Job realizes that before his difficulties he had had a second-hand knowledge of God, but now he has had a personal encounter with Him. This puts his experience in a different light. Many of us have known about God through our parents, “I had heard of thee by the hearing of the ear” (42:5). We need a personal relationship with God. Whatever difficulties it takes to produce that relationship will be worthwhile.

God vindicates Job to his “friends” and requires them to ask Job to pray for them. When he prayed for them, his fortunes were restored. If we expect God’s blessings, we must not hold grudges. Job receives twice the blessings he had before. This is a good ending, but the ending of our story will be far better- trusting in Christ, we will be with Him forever.

PRAYERFather, cause us to know in our trials that the best is yet to come according to Your promises. In Christ. Amen.