Receiving Our Inheritance

Claudia Elzinga

READ : Joshua 18-20

Since 2½ tribes had received their inheritance on the east side of Jordan, 9½ tribes received theirs on the west side. The dominant tribes, Judah, Ephraim and the half tribe of Manasseh, had already had territory allotted to them and were aggressively occupying it. Their later history was to be marred by rivalry between these tribes. It led to the split after the days of Solomon. So often our strengths are our weaknesses. We too need to be aggressive in the work of Christ, but we must be careful that this does not lead to rivalry.

Now the remaining 7 tribes needed to receive their inheritance. They had not been aggressive enough. God had provided the land, but they had not gone up to possess it. God has great good in store for us, but we can miss it through spiritual laziness.

The thought that there were those who had not yet received their inheritance reminds me of the idea that God has an inheritance for many people throughout the world which they have not received because they do not realize they are heirs. This should provide us with missionary zeal. How wrong it would be if two brothers had an inheritance but only one knew about it and he did not make great efforts to find his brother and inform him of what he could receive. Let us be zealous in telling others they can be heirs of God.

PRAYERFather, help us to possess the riches You have in store for us and tell others what they can also have. Amen.