Special Projects

Your tax-deductible gift helps support the local church in places around the world. It pays for air-time for radio programs, travel expenses for program follow-up, Bible study conferences, radio program production, and so much more. Your gift helps to build the Church in the hard places.

Support a Special Project

Give a Listener their Own Wind-Up Radio

People in many countries we broadcast to do not have access to electricity in order to power radios to listen to our programs. With just $40, you can provide an individual or family with a wind-up radio that is self-rechargeable. A radio can be shared with friends and family and may lead to a new church.

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Sponsor an Iranian Discipleship Conference

The spread of the gospel is illegal in Iran. Holding prayer meetings or having a Bible can result in prison time, or even death. You can make it possible for an Iranian to attend a discipleship conference held outside Iran. There they can safely find answers to their questions about the Christian faith.

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Help Create
Albanian Devotionals

As recently as the 1980s, the Albanian government mandated atheism statewide. Now the people are free to worship as they choose, but the road to faith is difficult. In 2010, Words of Hope translated our devotionals, marking the first time Albanians had access to such resources in their own language.

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